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Saturday, October 10


James Dahle, MD, The White Coat Investor

2020 Residents Forum Fall Meeting
Get your financial concerns answered early in residency with our special speaker James Dahle, MD, author of The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing. Additionally, hear from candidates running for the 2021 Residents Forum Executive Committee. 


Stuart Rothenberg, Editor, Publisher, Political Analyst

House of Delegates and Residents Forum Joint Session
With the 2020 presidential election less than one month after our meeting, the time is perfect to gain perspective and insight from inside the beltway—from a pundit known for accurate forecasting at the House of Delegates and Residents Forum Joint Session.  
Sponsored by PathPac

2020 Fall House of Delegates Meeting
Join us for a day of connections and content that tackles your toughest topics, from the financial impact of COVID-19, to advocacy updates that will inform your practice in year to come.

Sunday, October 11


Advocacy Town Hall

We want to hear from you. During our interactive town hall meeting, CAP Advocacy leaders will take your comments and questions on any pressing legislative and regulatory issues. Members are encouraged to discuss their experiences, concerns, and ideas about federal and state government legislation and regulation affecting their practices and laboratories.

Monday, October 12


Scientific Plenary: COVID Testing—Symphony or Cacophony

This year’s Scientific Plenary will focus on current and emerging methods, pitfalls and tradeoffs of various COVID testing methodologies. Attendees will gain insight and knowledge of how COVID testing has impacted everyday practice, comprehending the multiple testing options, and understanding their accuracy and reliability. Facilitated by Kisha Mitchell-Richards, MD, FCAP, the plenary also will feature Benjamin Pinsky, MD, PhD, FCAP, and Christina M. Wojewoda, MD, FCAP. 

Tuesday, October 13


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

Hear from the nation’s top infectious disease expert and the research community’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join us for this livestreamed event on Tuesday, October 13, featuring an interactive Q&A with Dr. Fauci, MD, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.


Career-building Resources for Residents and Those New on Their Career Journey

Build your career and connect with CAP leadership, pathology leaders, and former colleagues while broadening your circle with new friends and professional connections.

  • Career Tips and Tricks or CV Refinement Advice Sessions – Get ready, set and go! Refine your CV with expert CV advice from CAP librarians or attend a small group presentation about polishing your CV for interviewing to land that dream job.
  • Mock Interviews – Gain confidence and schedule a mock interview with pathology leaders who are in hiring positions.

Wednesday, October 14


Janet Stovall, Inclusion Advocate, Executive Communications Manager with UPS

Commitment to Diversity: Real Problems, Real Numbers, Real Consequences
Join us for inclusion advocate Janet Stovall and CAP member panelists as we share a candid dialogue about racism–the unspoken word in almost every room. Diversity is bigger than race and racism is nothing new. Racism has a long, storied history in America. Still, the sting of it infects every part of American life, including our own hospitals, organizations, and the entire health care system. Imagine a world where the color of someone’s skin doesn’t dictate whether they’ll live or die. Imagine a workplace where employees feel safe and can bring their unassimilated, authentic selves to work every day because their differences are recognized and valued. Imagine a place where the lessons we learn about diversity at work actually transform how we think, what we say, and what we do outside of work. That can happen when organizations get single-minded about racism. The question is: How do we make that happen?